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Cost Estimation for House Construction
At RAMTEJ Constructions, we have developed a special "Budget Estimation Calculation" which gives you an approximate budget needed for the construction of your house. 

General Guidelines:
It is a good strategy to know beforehand the requirement of space, probable cost and approximate quantities of critical materials. As a rule, the ratio of materials to labour to overheads is 60:30:10. The current cost of construction is Rs 600-900 per sq ft depending upon finishing items. 

Stages and rough percentage of total work
To give you an idea of the cost pattern for different stages, the cost is worked out for a 1000 sq ft house @ Rs 700/- per sq ft. 

if Per SQFt Rs.

No. Item of work Percentage of total work For 1000 sqft house
1 Excavation in ordinary soil and concrete 3  % Rs.
2 Foundation 0  % Rs.
3 Stonework upto plinth 5  % Rs.
4 Superstructure in brickwork 25  % Rs.
5 Roofing including waterproofing 20  % Rs.
6 Flooring 6  % Rs.
7 Wood work i.e., Joinery, doors and windows 15  % Rs.
8 Internal finishes 6  % Rs.
9 External finishes 3  % Rs.
10 Water supply 4  % Rs.
11 Sanitary work 8  % Rs.
12 Electrification 5  % Rs.
Total 100  % Rs.

Yardsticks for some construction materials
Following table would give an idea of the quantities of important materials required. If their consumption is controlled, pilferage and wastage minimized, saving upto 5% to 8% could be achieved. The quantity required has been worked out for a house of 1000 sq ft.

for SqFt.:

No Requirement of Material Unit of Measurement Quantity Approx. Qty for 1000 sqft
1 Cement (bags) Bags/sqft 0.4
2 Sand (cu ft) Cut/sqft 1.81
3 Jelly (cu ft) Cut/sqft 1.14
4 Bricks Nos/Sqft 34
5 Size Stone Nos/Sqft 11
6 Steel (kg) Kg/Sqft 2.1
7 Wood (cu ft) CuF/Sqft 0.077

JS Cart model

Category Product Price Quantity Subtotal

Total value:


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